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The free postal packet service to the Iraq theatre of operations was withdrawn on the 8th April 2004.

We view this decision as a major blow to the morale of our troops who rely on the parcels sent by their families, and support groups from a practical and emotional standpoint.

We ask the Government to reconsider their decision - to re-instate the free postage service to the Gulf, and to extend the facility to all BFPO addresses where our troops are on peace keeping operations.

We, the undersigned, seek cross-party support for the continuance / extension of the above to include all UK peacekeeping forces throughout the world.

The Post Office recently posted profits of £200M and to reintroduce charges would be like asking for 'blood money' at the expense of our troops' morale and well-being.

We ask the government to rethink this decision as a matter of urgency.

Not all troops are on direct supply routes and rely on what families and support groups send, not only from a practical but also emotional standpoint. This turnaround will also disadvantage those families who, for whatever reason, are not in a position financially to send mail to their loved ones serving their country.

Please lend your support to our organisation's campaign - www.supportoursoldiers.co.uk.

Thank You

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