#Animal Welfare
New South Wales Councils

We believe that tax payers money should be used wisely and the government should provide free microchipping and cheap desexing programs which should be provided from every local council in New South Wales

We the public from New South Wales believe that free microchipping from every local council held every year would be greatly beneficial. This would stop people dumping animals and burdening pounds.

In New South Wales itself hold the lagest number of dogs and cats according to

New South Wales itself has the largest numbers of euthanased dogs/cats. We would like a full overview on the tax money every year that gets paid to help assist with animals as we the people believe this money is not getting spent in the right areas of animal welfare.

If there were free annual microchipping and also desexing programs offered on these days as we believe this would benefit this country seem as we are one of the largest volume of pets in households.

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