#Prison System
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
United States of America

Michael Hamilton was eighteen years old when he committed his crime. He is now forty eight and still in prison.

With over 24 years of a clean record at CMF (CALIFORNIA MEDICAL FACILITY
c22546), after being found suitable three time by the California parole board, why has the governor continued to deny his release? Michael is the perfect example of how the prison system works and how it can change your life for the better.

He is a changed man, who now deserves to live his life. With his wife, daughter
and loving supportive family. Michael is no threat to society, he would BETTER
society with his lifetime of knowledge and life changing experiences of the prison
system, that he would be able to share with the youth of today.

Why has the governor even hesitated to release a man that has done nothing
but given back to society and eager to continue?

Please support Freeing Michael Hamilton. Let him finally live a life with him and
his family.

Let him be released and voice his experiences with the youth of today. He can
better our society. Please let him enjoy adult hood with his now 19 year old
daughter, and retirement with his wife of 20 years.

It's time to look past the prison label and see this man for what he truly is. That
is a human being who has spent the last 29 years giving back to society for
what he did at the age of 18.

Let him live the years he has left out side of prison walls and blue uniforms.
Please help free Michael Hamilton.

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