#Human Rights
Charles Clarke - Home Office
United Kingdom

Nov 2, 2005

Notorious prisoner Charles Bronson has been held in solitary confinement for 27 years in the UK prison system. He originally went inside for 7 years for armed robbery when he was 21. He is now 53.

Inside prison his violence, hostage taking & rooftop demonstrations led to his continual incarceration.


His hostage-taking was often done to highlight his own mistreatment in prison. Nobody was listening to him. Unfortunately his behaviour only made his case worse. He was given a life sentence 5 yrs ago with a 3 year tariff. Meaning that he is now 2 years beyond that tariff but is still held in isolation. This is INHUMAN, INHUMANE & SAVAGE. He has been practically a model prisoner for 5 years now, finding solace in his art & poetry and admitting that he has at last grown up.

He is the first to admit he has dug his own hole for which he has mightily paid the price. Yet he is being offered no rehabilitation. No hope. Surely prison should be about punishment, reform, rehabilitation, adjustment, and renewal of spirit.

Give this man his freedom and he will do some good in the outside world. He is (now!) anti-crime & anti drugs.

We, the undersigned, feel that prisoner 1314 Bronson (Charlie Bronson) should be allowed into a program of rehabilitation. He should be de-categorised (from Cat A), allowed open visits, allowed to mix with fellow prisoners, and put on a program to adjust himself to the outside world, which he effectively left 30 years ago.

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