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University of Kent - Professor Julia M Goodfellow and Executive Group Members
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The Medway campus was founded in 2000 in conjunction with Mid-Kent College. It was originally based at Horsted and the Bridge Wardens' College, Chatham.

In September 2005, the University moved from its Horsted premises to the newly developed Pembroke campus which it shares with the Universities of Greenwich, Canterbury Christ Church University, Mid-Kent College and University College for the Creative Arts.

The Medway School of Pharmacy was opened in 2004 and is a joint school with the University of Greenwich on the Pembroke campus in Chatham.

Currently University of Greenwich provides three bus services which are free to Greenwich Student/Staff and cost a minimum fee for non Greenwich Students.

This Service runs between

• Medway and Avery Hill
• Medway and Greenwich
• Greenwich and Avery Hill

on a daily basis at least three times a day:

This service is deemed to be essential, necessary and has become very popular for Students/Staff as it promotes integration and unity. All who use the service are able and willing to make full use of the services and facilities on offer at all three campuses. An essential element to the facilities is regarding studying, having access to a greater choice of Modules to undertake as well as access to other libraries, learning services and Student Union facilities

Since the University of Kent has moved to Medway (Pembroke Campus), the influx of students enrolling to study at this campus has increased dramatically. At this juncture, Canterbury has a wider variety of Modules to study in any one particular degree. However there are also some modules that are available at Medway that are not to Canterbury Students.

In order to access these facilities Students/Staff are having to make the round journey of approximately 52 miles. This is proving very expensive on a student budget. Canterbury students/staff that have made the effort to travel up to Medway are amazed at how lovely the campus is. Likewise Medway Students have been particularly pleased with the facilities available at Canterbury (Student Union, Templeman library, Live Lectures).


We the students/staff would like for University of Kent to provide such a bus/coach service between the campuses. To enable a better integration it is essential that Students/Staff are able to access all of the University of Kent facilities, not just what is on offer at their respective campuses.

We, the undersigned, call upon Professor Julia M Goodfellow and the Executive Group Members to Introduce and Provide a Free Bus/Coach service between Canterbury and Medway Campuses.

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