Everyone (Women especially!)
United States of America

Women in America need our help!

Average cost of birth control pills in this country is $30-$45 per pack (which we buy each month).* That's if you are one of the lucky American's in this country to even have medical insurance. Those without can pay almost TWICE that much.

There are fractions of people who want to make abortion illegal. There are still more that believe there are too many unwanted children in this country already. To these people specifically, wouldn't this be an easy solution to the problem?

If all women (no matter what your social status, financial status, race, age, religion, etc.) receive free birth control, you are helping control the over-population. It will also cut back financial burdens on women/families, especially those where an extra $30 a month would be a lot. That's potentially an extra $360 a year, or more!

Why not let all our tax money go to use!

*Info found at: http://www.womensmedcenter.com/BirthControl/?ID=5

We, the undersigned, want all Birth Control Pills to be available to all women in the U.S. (no matter what social status, financial status, race, age, religion, etc.) free of charge.

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