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President of Pakistan

Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian woman has been sentenced to hang till death on November 10th 2010, after she was accused of making 'blasphemous' comments about the prophet Mohammed during an argument.

While working as a berry picker in 2009, 46-year-old Asia Bibi got into a dispute with a group of Muslim women who objected to her drinking their water because as a Christian she was considered 'unclean'. Hours after the incident one of the women reported mother-of-five Ms Bibi to a local cleric, claiming she had made disparaging remarks about the prophet Mohammed during the row. As a result of the allegations, a furious mob arrived at Ms Bibi's home and savagely beat her and members of her family. She was later arrested, charged with blasphemy and eventually sentenced to death - with her entire family forced to go into hiding after receiving threats on their lives.

The shocking case hit global headlines after two prominent politicians ( Former Minister Shahbaz Bhatti and former Governor of Punjab Salman Taseer) who tried to help Ms Bibi were assassinated. Lawyers showered the killer ( governor’s own body guard) with rose petals when he appeared in court and the judge who convicted him of murder had to flee the country.

Lately, on 6th October 2016 on Thursday; case of Asia Bibi was fixed for hearing by the full bench of Supreme court (three judge bench). During the hearing one of the three judges excused to sit n the hearing. Now her case has been sine die adjourned. It’s a height of injustice, because justice delayed is justice denied.

It is therefore, supplicated before the entire International Community to mobilize a campaign towards the acquittal of innocent Asia Bibi; who has been ensnared in the clutch of the blasphemy laws and set her free from the Death sentence.

I, the undersigned, request the immediate release of Asia Bibi and the dismissal of her blasphemy conviction and death sentence imposed on November 7th 2010 for expressing her faith.

I strongly urge the Government to create within Pakistan a genuine culture of respect for all its citizens by safeguarding their human and legal rights, and by actively protecting its minority populations and their religious freedom.

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