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High Court of Pakistan
United Kingdom


Already serving 11 years imprisonment since 2007, Afarin Khan has now been included in the list of prisoners sentenced to the death penalty.
Afarin Khan, resident of Malookabad, Swat is known by locals as a servicing and law abiding citizen with no history of violence or any act of involvement with extremism/terrorism.
This injustice to pass the death penalty has caused distraught among locals, friends and relatives in Pakistan and abroad as Afarin Khan has pleaded ‘not guilty’ since capture by the Pakistani Army and serving already a lengthy sentence in a crime he has made no contribution to.
We urge the law to pass a fair trial taking in account of evidence and testimony of everyone associated with Afarin Khan.
Kind Regards,

Samir Khan

I am against the death penalty passed for Afarin Khan and demand the immediate release. Afarin Khan is not guilty and has no involvement with any extreme/terrorist group.

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