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I think that Hikaru no Go should have a fourth season or if not at least an ova b/c there are lots of other people who love the series and as you know there are only a total of 75 episodes plus a new year special.

I think the story should continue, I'm sure that lots of people would like to know how the tournament for the Hokuto Cup, a match between Japan, Korea, and China happens, where Hikaru will be up once again against Su Young, Hikaru, Yashiro, and Touya representing Japan, as well as see how Hikaru works to reach Touya and the divine move.

There's still so much to that can be added to the series.

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We, the anime fans target Toonami Jetstream, Toonami Jetstream has yet to download all 75 episodes of Hikaru no Go but if you see the whole series in youtube you'd agree that there is still so much that can come of a new series and for there to be another series we need for Toonami Jetstream to make one or if not negotiate with the company in Japan that created Hikaru no Go for another series.

We need to see what happens in the Hokuto Cup tournament, and does Hikaru ever reach Touya's level, surpass him and reach the divine move?

We'll never really know unless there's another series that brings it to life. And what can be so bad about another series that continues to promotes the game Go, absolutely nothing.

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