#Law Reform
Local MP to take to Canberra

4 year old Tyrell Cobb died on the Gold Coast in May 2009 from internal bleeding and stomach injuries caused by blunt force trauma.
A post-mortem revealed he had 53 bruises and 17 abrasions from head to legs when he died.
Matthew Scown 'aka scum' was charged with murder a day after the boy’s death in 2009, but the case was dismissed at a committal hearing in 2010
Because he (Matthew Scown) had already spent two years and eight months in custody, the remainder of his sentence was suspended and he walked free, laughing and smiling.
In extraordinary scenes, the 34-year-old smiled for the cameras and laughed to himself as he walked away from court through a media scrum. Even when asked directly about the death of four-year-old Tyrell, he giggled to himself.

We, the undersigned, insist the Australian governments, state and federal, through their attorneys-general, unite now to reverse the remainder of his (Matthew Scown) suspended sentence and amend the act to take away plea bargaining and suspended sentences for child killers and child sex offenders.

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