#Law & Order
Home Secretary, UK Government
United Kingdom

As a driving instructor for many years, I see examples of bad driving, dangerous driving, bad obstructive parking, terrible pedestrian activity, lack of consideration, intolerance, impatience, aggressive driving, total ignorance and stupidity amongst some drivers, lack of knowledge of the Highway Code, lack of attention to safety, and downright nastiness towards ourselves (with learners at the wheel) and with others.

I teach people to drive by the rules, as do the driving instructor industry as a whole, and yet, all around us are idiots, criminals, and fools, and no one to bring them to book. There is an absence of police to enforce the rules and laws, already in existence, and all we have is a seemingly useless parking patrol service, which I have been seen to ignore bad parking.

We need to put the servicing of the highway laws back into the hands of the police. We need something with teeth to bring these people into line, for the general safety of others.

We, the undersigned, call for the UK Government, to investigate the necessity of employing the services of a Highway Patrol group, in the US style, to specifically target bad drivers, unlawful drivers, and criminal drivers.

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