#Human Rights
Judicial System
United States of America

I was charged with a felony in 1999. Now almost a decade later I am having to pay for my mistakes. I went to school and became a Legal Secretary and now I am enrolled in College for Criminal Justice.

I know that I can not think about Law school anywhere in the future because my record will only let me take steps back and not forward. We need to send a message to the judicial system who is sometimes very wrong, that we the people must take our lives back.

I need you to help me by signing this petition and we can help each other. How do they think we can survive if we can't even apply for the higher paying jobs. Out of all the sins America and our Courts systems has made they should have the biggest Felony in the Book. This is a recipe for disaster. Please Help.

This petition is to ask the judicial system to rethink their methods about non-violent felony crimes and misd. So that we can take back our lives.

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