#Animal Rights
Europes Parlament

It is not fear to let people travel all over the Europe without any restriction and not let to do so to their animals. It is crazy to think that we could keep at home sick animal and do not treat it.

We must take pets together because only we know how to treat them best and only we love them most. How can we be happy traveling without our family friends.

Let's get EU attention and make this crazy system stop working. Our pets are like our kids to us, how can they restrict their movements, as we are free in EU.

Please sign for the right to bring pets to any EU country (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, England, Iceland including) without any restrictions as it is now to mostly all EU countries.

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The For the unrestricted movement of animals between EU countries petition to Europes Parlament was written by Rima Kasnauskyte and is in the category Animal Rights at GoPetition.