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In support of the Oklahoma Pet Quality Assurance Act, so that any breeder that sells over 25 puppies a year, the dogs are required to have veterinary care. A full health check and medical papers, to be given to the person whom buys the puppies. Bambi`s mission is to speak of what happened to him and his brothers and sisters in one commercial breeding facility. This petition is in support of the Pet Quality Assurance Act, that commerical breeders/brokers will be regulated by the state.

Bambi was lucky, but his little yorkie brother, Ramsey got sick. He got sick because he was likley in a cage with lots of other puppies being over looked, just like Chole(Chole"s bill Illionis puppymill act). Please sign and suppot the Oklahoma Pet Quality Assurance Act, on behalf of Ramsey and Bambi.

Ramsey and Bambi came from a kennel operation called Hurlimans Kennels. Ramsey died of a digestive tract baterial infection. Bambi has been sick with many hereditary and congential defects due to poor and over breeding. Anyone would like to sign, please do, we would like give it to congress in support of the Pet Quality Assurance Act. So the consumers future pets have proper vet care before they find their forever homes.

here is the video

Please support this bill, here's our story..
A small place where dogs run free in our home, and the puppies can play, interact with each other, the right way and run free. When unsuspecting Americans buy puppies from people like this, they like myself, feel its the happy loving countrysides they come from. But the actual truth is, thats what we tell ourselves because we do not want to face, what the truth may actually be. I do feel that this was made part buy us americans. Who wanted to be like Hollywood, with teacup puppies and designer dogs. People say its about pet stores but it isn't, lets get the problem at the source, the mills themselves. So lets now step up to the plate and help these poor innocent puppies, who know nothing other than living in a cage. Just like at the Hurlimans, their are many other breeders who register their dogs with the ACA, because they do not belong to the AKC, because their puppies do not follow the breed standard.

Our moms..
Our moms where white, and black and golden, our moms carried us, and gave birth to us. They tried to protect us, give us milk, and all we needed to grow big and strong. We never got to do that, or bond with our moms.Insted, we got shipped all over the United States. Seperated from our brothers and sisters. All to go sit in a cage to be bought, by people who love us so unconditionally. Our puppy moms are still there, being used to make money for humans. Humans who are greedy and don't love us. They just love the sound of money that we make for them. So sign this petition to regulate puppymills. Help save our moms.

Thank you from Ramsey & Bambi Woods. Bambi is sad to say that his brother Ramsey, a teacup yorkie, is no longer with us. He died at 9 weeks of a severe infection that was over looked by the Hurlimans. The same fate, I almost suffered, except I was a older than Ramsey. I have many hereditary problems with my digestive track, my legs and my throat.
So what I want today is to save our moms, and let them know what it means to have a forever home, and not being overbred in a cage.

The same is happening all over Oklahoma, Missouri, Arizonia, and Pennsylvania. It's not even about petshops. We need to shutdown the source of the problem, these mills. It's sad to think that the puppies that make it to a petshop alive will live. Who knows what is happening to the other dogs in these mills.

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