According to the document signed by 16 members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) on October 8,2001 , the demolition of Dadivank in Artsakh is one of the shocking facts of the Azerbaijani policy.
Etymology of "Dadi" name is connected with one of the students of the Apostle St Thaddeus ,named Dadi or Dado , who preached Christianity in Artsakh until his last days.The first Apostles that preached Christianity in Armenian were known to be in first century.Therefore the first building of this monk-complex was founded in the second half of the same century ,if not before that.But very few things have preserved from that time ,because the temple was completely destroyed during the campaigns of foreign bandits and armenian/christian heritage is facing this disaster again . The preserved monuments belong to 10-13cc. The pearl of the monastic complex is St.Katoghike Astvatsatsin Church built by princess Arzukhatun in 1214.It was built in honor of her husband and two sons who died in the war against turks.

We, the undersigned, call on the UNESCO to put DADIVANK under protection. Our call is of extreme importance considering the fate of other Artsakh monuments, which are facing vandalism after expropriation of Ethnic Armenian lands by brutal war crimes. We already have the photo and video averment of the deliberate destruction of our spiritual values, as if repeated shelling of Ghazanchetsots Cathedral was not enough.


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