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Kilee is a Senior at North Scott High School in Eldridge, IA. Her boyfriend Chris is a previous NS graduate. Chris turned 21 on Feb.17th,2017. The schools fine print on dance tickets say only ages 14-21. The school indicates that the cut off is at age 20, and no older. The fine print has now been changed, since the fine print was worded opposing to what they intended. Chris and Kilee have had a healthy steady relationship since December 27th, 2014 with parent approval. This is Kilee's Senior Prom, and Chris just turned 21, so he is no longer (according to policy) allowed to go. Chris has attended 5/8 high school dances with Kilee, and has caused no issue. The couple would be willing to be breathalyzed before prom, and after prom. Along with, before post prom, and after post prom. Kilee is very involved in school. She volunteers, cheers, participates in FFA, and is a violinist. While putting in all those hours, she also puts in time at a local Ice Cream Shop (Whitey's). Chris on the other hand volunteers, previously was a football player, and works as a local security guard. Please sign this petition if you think that circumstances for Chris, and Kilee are different, and he should be able to go to her SENIOR PROM and LAST HIGH SCHOOL DANCE! Thank you!

**The problem is "If we have to let you go, we have to let every 21 year old go". Please help Kilee and Chris show the school that circumstances are different, and everyone is aware of that! Thank you for your time, I hope you consider being a part of helping a dream come true! A girl's Senior prom with her best friend, and boyfriend!

We, the undersigned, call on the North Scott Senior High School prom to be attended by both the couple Kilee D., and Chris C. We understand that circumstances in this couples relationship are different, comparing to other couples circumstances.

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