#Human Rights
Miles Jacobson

Maxim Tsigalko, the greatest cm/fm player ever, has changed million of players' lives. Now it's our turn to make his life easier.

Millions of players globally want to thank Maxim Tsigalko for the thousands of goals, for the hundreds of assists, for the hat tricks, for the headers, for all the times they celebrated his goals.

No matter the country, no matter the team, Maxim was always there for us, the championship/football manager lovers.
Now, we are standing by him.

We, the undersigned, ask Football Manager directors and especially Miles Jacobson, to give a job to our favourite ever player, Maxim Tsigalko (Maksim Tsyhalka).
Maxim, was a key factor to the game, a reason it became popular and loved by football fans and gamers across the world.
We believe that this is the right time for Football Manager, to pay him back the love.
Tsigalko needs a job. Miles Jacobson can offer him one.

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