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On February 9th 2018, the FMUNAA held its election of officers. Prior to the event a notice of elections was emailed which listed the items that were required to be submitted as part of the application packet. The notice also stated that all candidates needed to be:
1. Financial on the national and local level..
2. Provide letters of recommendation from 10 financial members.
3. If elected, be available to travel to regional and national meetings.

The email also stated that nominations would be taken from the floor and persons nominating from the floor must have their packets ready to be submitted on Friday February 9th, 2018. During the elections the former president changed the rules and stated that the persons nominated from the floor would be able to submit their packets on a later date. The elections took place and results were announced.

Five days later the president sent a letter stating that the elections were null and void because she should not have taken nominations from the floor and that persons running for president needed to have served on the national or local level as an elected or appointed officer. This was never stated in the elections criterior.
It has now been 43 days since the elections and now the former president is attempting to change the election rules to ensure that none of the newly elected officials would qualify to run for office. We must bring this stalemate to an end. The members have voted and the voice of the majority must be heard. As a group we are united and we are ready to begin working towards increasing our membership, raising much needed funds for the university and mentoring our prealumni. We are commited to Florida Memorial University and know that with your help and support we will continue on the path to taking our university to new heights. It is time to fight for our university sooo Lions..... Let's Roar into this new year with PRIDE.

We, the undersigned, are in full agreement of letting the results of the elections held on February 9th, 2018, stand and that the newly elect officers be inducted and allowed to fulfil their duties as the dully elected board of the Florida Memorial National Alumni Association.

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