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The probation system in the State of Florida is unfair and corrupt. The State of Florida Department of Corrections passes out Probation for just about every crime that is committed in Florida... including 1st time offenders. I cannot find any other state with such a high degree of Probation output.

I am a believer that the punishment should fit the crime. Giving probation to a first time offender on a misdemeanor crime or even a 3rd degree felony is wrong, in my opinion. That is also the opinion of most states of the US.

The Florida Probation system is also a system that sets you up to fail with its ZERO TOLERANCE policy. I know 100s of people who have had their Probation Violated for the littlest technical thing such as not being able to do their community hours or not being able to make their appointments because they did not have transportation....even tho these people called their PO to let them know ahead of time.

In Hillsborough county alone they must arrest over 5000 people per month just for VOPs. Most of these people are poor or working class too. Probation is suppose to be a way to reform people to become better citizens. It does not do that however. Instead, the Florida Probation system is designed to make the offenders fail with its ZERO TOLERANCE policy and then get put back on Probation longer in order to make the DOC and the State even more money. These issues are morally wrong and need to be reformed.

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We, the undersigned, call on the State of Florida to reform the Probation system so that it is fair and balanced and so that probation fits the actual crime instead of the broad swath that it currently is.

Also the State should repeal the ZERO TOLERANCE policy in its current form and reserve it for more serious offenders.

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