#Students' Rights
Florida Gulf Coast University
United States of America

We, the students, staff and faculty of Florida Gulf Coast University, care about our health and the health of those around us. Therefore, we support efforts to make Florida Gulf Coast University a tobacco-free campus.

We are aware of the dangers tobacco use poses on those who use it and those who are involuntarily exposed to it. These problems are completely avoidable. Secondhand smoke is a known killer and a hazard that we prefer to avoid while entering or leaving our campus buildings.

We view this educational institution as a place where knowledge is shared, discussed and integrated into our daily lives, a place that accepts scientific proof and adapts with it, as needed. Yet, our current campus tobacco policy seems at odds with nearly all of the current scientific knowledge about tobacco use.

We, the undersigned, support efforts to make FGCU a tobacco-free campus including free tobacco treatment services, products and counseling.

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