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For a long time now money has always been stuck in this cycle of constant inflation causing dollar value to plummet. Yet there is much money still stuck in the hands of others never re-entering the economy to keep it stable.

We never initially had the trouble of keeping the economy flowing but in a world where people can make exuberant amounts of money, regardless of legality as a factor.

I see the need to set a limit as to how much a person or business on shape and form can acquire. All extra money would come back to the government. Over the years the limit will raise gradually do to natural inflation of any currency.

I suggest the cap start around 100mil USD per person. Most rich people will never feel the influence of the cap, but those who are above the cap will have to keep spending in order to maintain their money or else it would fall back into the government. Percentage will go to the state of residency and percent to the government it's self.

I suggest a business cap or corporate cap to be based on the type or infrastructure they run. I really have no idea on that but the limit would prevent stores walmart or other corporate companies from killing the little stores who can't supply at their rates. Although I really have no problem with getting things at walmart rates it is the number of stores they have that hurts.

Anyways this is only a suggestion that needs work. I don't fully support my idea but I fully support the interest to improve our world and make it a better place.

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