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The Residents of the Villas at Five Ponds
United States of America

The Executive Board of the Villas at Five Ponds Community Association has enacted several rules that have been divisive in our community. For example: "Outdoor Holiday Lighting and Decorations" and "Facilities Rental" rules.

The Executive Board is inconsistent in calling for a vote on rules they plan to enact. For example, the Board called for a vote whether to drop plans for a security gate/"arm" at the entrance; and, whether to allow awnings (and what type). When a petition was duly signed requesting that bird feeders be responsibly allowed, the Board unilaterally overruled the petition that was signed by many VFP members. And when there was an outcry over the restrictions placed on outdoor holiday decorations, Board president Rick Rodgers first implied that the rule was repealed, and then the next week said that the rule was back in force and would be reconsidered "next year."

While we believe that it is among the power and the duties of the Executive Board to recommend to the members of the Association reasonable Rules and Regulations, we believe that these Rules and Regulations proposed must be put to a vote by secret ballot and that the decision to make operating Rules and Regulations should be adopted via a Resolution that reflects the true majority of the responses received by secret ballot.

We, the undersigned residents of the Villas at Five Ponds in Warminster, PA, hereby petition the Board of Directors of the Villas at Five Ponds Community Association, to call for a Bylaws change to:

Section 7.14 (xv) which, in part, outlines the “Powers and Duties” of the Executive Board of the Association in that they may, without consent of the true majority of the residents: “Make and enforce compliance with any reasonable Rules and Regulations relative to the operation, use and occupancy of the Property, including, but not limited to, penalties to be levied for violations of these Bylaws, the Declaration and any Rules and Regulations which the Executive Board shall adopt, and to amend the same from time to time as and when approved by appropriate resolutions which shall be binding on the Unit Owners, tenants and occupants of Units, their successors in title and assigns.”

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