#Media Issues
Osoyoos Times Publisher Chris Stodola

Keith Lacey writes a very slanderous editorial regarding an RCMP Corporal who treated him poorly and embarrassed him just because he can. What Lacey did not account for was the RCMP cruiser having video. Now he refuses to apologize and digs himself deeper.

We need to have him canned. His attitude is bad for not only the police, but it discredits legitimate members of the Canadian media.

When interviewed Lacey first said he would be apologizing, but hours later said he would not be as what he wrote was the truth.


Update: Lacey have changed his mind yet again and authored an apology.. likely he was told to do it since he was last reported as saying he was willing to make minor changes to his editorial but would not apologize.

I still think this has damaged the Osoyoos Times too much for them to keep him.

We, the undersigned, demand the immediate dismissal of Keith Lacey from the Osoyoos Times.

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