Nicole Scherzinger
United States of America

I am calling on the X-Factor producers and Simon Cowell to Fire Nicole Scherzinger, she obviously does not know how to judge. When the chips are down she crumbles and is 2 faced. It started off as a good show, but as of last night I will no longer watch it. Rachel has more talent than Canty, she sang her heart out every time she got on stage. Canty does not measure up. He is a karaoke singer at best.

Nicole Scherzinger has no #1 songs or albums. She took her personal frustrations out on a 13yr old girl who has a much better voice then her and Paula. I believe it was over jealousy.

Signing this petition will hopefully wake up the producers and Simon Cowell of X-Factor to fire Nicole Scherzinger immediately. She is responsible for 2 talented singers getting cut from the show.

Last night demonstrated she can not judge, incapable of making a decision, and not being able to communicate intelligently when the pressure is on. In this case, the choice was easy.

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