Basehor-Linwood School Board
United States of America

Since the begining of the school year of 2003, Mr. Snyder has displayed several actions that we feel are grounds for his loss of a job at BLHS. He has insulted students about not only school work, but appearances, siblings, clothing, etc. He feels the need to often tell tasteless jokes that are completely inappropriate for a student-teacher relationship. Mr. Snyder often takes offense to anything said to him, that is if he actually listens to you. Students cannot be expected to know everything and therefore questions have always been encouraged. However, Mr. Snyder often laughs and mocks these students whom don't learn as quickly as some of their peers.

Mr. Snyder along with all the orevious statements, plays favorites far worse than any teacher we've dealt with. Simply because he likes you, you may be allowed to leave class early, talk out abruptly, disrupt others, and basically break the rules set forth by the BLHS admission. Students need a teacher who will respect them and tech them, in our opinion, Mr. Snyder does neither.

Please support the BLHS students' abilities to learn, by helping shed some light on a teacher without a cause. Fire Mr. Larry Snyder.

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