police in Fairmont WV
United States of America

Justin Thomerson's death was ruled as "UNDETERMINED" by the West Virginia State Medical Examiner.

When talking to him he stated to me that the reason for the determination was that he does not believe that the whole story has been told and he could not, with a good conscious, rule his death as an accident!

He further stated that the police have not given him enough evidence to rule his death as a homicide. Therefore he ruled it this way so I, Justin's mother, can push them to continue in the investigation.

We, the family and friends and taxpayers of the United States, demand that we have justice and a proper interrogation, interviews and criminal investigation in the death of Justin Christopher Thomerson.

Justin died at the hand of others and the investigation has not been thorough enough. Key witnesses have NOT been interviewed! We have suffered enough with his death and will not rest until these people are put behind bars.

We demand JUSTICE and will not stop until we have it! Justin's case has just been left to collect dust and has not actively been pursued!

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