Clear innocent sex offender's name
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It is true that a sex offender should be locked up and the key thrown away.

But what if a sex offender is innocent?

This petition is to free a innocent man that was wrongly accused of sex with a then 13 year old girl. He was then 20 years old, had no support, and no money to get an attorney. The public defender informed him if he pleaded guilty and was actually innocent then he would serve a longer sentence. Knowing this he pleaded guilty to a crime he did not do.

He now has custody of his 1 year old son after abuse from the babies biological mother. Eric is now married and very happy in his marriage. Jobs are hard to come by luckily he just recently received employment through a temp service. His GED and further education is almost impossible. He is not allowed to go to schools to further his education. He won't be able to attend any school functions of his sons when the child gets old enough.

All of these things a sex offender should not be allowed to do; although I have evidence that Eric was falsely accused. If you look at one of my myspace pages all the evidence is there. http://www.myspace.com/fighting4eric

What will this petition do you ask? We are able to go in front of the Prison Review Board and Governor. All of our paper work has to be into them by November the Governor will then review with the Prison Review Board in January 2008.

I want to send this petition with the paper work. Everyone that knows Eric knows he did not do these allegations. The evidence shows he did not do these allegations. Give Eric the justice he deserves, for he is the true victim in this case.

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