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We, and everyone else in the world, are in a state of crisis. The actions of a greedy few have affected us all. We’ve been forced to bail out these elite few with hopes of saving ourselves. We have still not seen any significant turn around to ease our struggles and fears we’ve held for a few years now. We on the bottom have been suffering while the select few have indulged. We’ve all learned from this experience that we must stand and fight for ourselves and protect ourselves from the select few who want to rob the masses to indulge the few.

Right now, students at Fort Hays State University are feeling this same ugly practice breathing down their necks. While many students have been working as many as three jobs just to survive and to stay in school, the Administration and a handful of students want to raise the Athletic Fee. This is unnecessary and irresponsible to further strain our student’s ability to pay for their education.

President Hammond has been quoted on numerous occasions as saying that all of our teams are “fully funded,” that “there are no teams at Fort Hays that can’t compete,” “our teams can compete with the resources they have,” and that the scholarships are fully funded. This would lead the average person to believe that the Athletics are doing just fine. However, President Hammond wants to raise the Athletic fee.

Join this Petition to help send the message that it is irresponsible and inappropriate to perform any fee increases at this time. Join the petition to say that we the students of FHSU do not support this as a priority and call on the governing bodies to freeze all student fees until the economic crisis passes.

*(Please Only Full time students taking at least one credit hour on-campus)* Sorry it's not our rules.

The world is in an economic state of emergency.

Students on campus are struggling to pay for their essentials, some working as many as three jobs to survive.

We the Students of FHSU demand that the Student Government Association stand resolute with us in calling on the Administration of Fort Hays State University to withdraw its plans for a fee increase.

We further call on the Administration of Fort Hays State University and the Kansas Board of Regents to freeze all student fees and to not allow any increases that are not absolutely essential for basic academic operations of the University.

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