Mrs. Tut and Family

Objectification of the Feminine body?
This term refers to the tendency to treat an individual not as a person with emotions and thoughts, but as a physical being or “object.” In most cases, it refers to thinking of a person not as a door stop, but as a sexual object, there to provide pleasure to others. An objectified image in this sense would be one that emphasizes the person's sexuality, usually by showing a fair amount of skin. In the majority of cases, objectification refers to the portrayal of a semi-clothed woman's body intended to emphasize her sexuality.
Susan Krauss whitman
Thinking about the person can help you relate better to that person's humanity- and your own.

We, the student body at John Paul II Junior College call on Mrs. Tut and her family to eliminate or remove the calendar with images of semi-naked women from its current location. It makes of a woman an object and draws the attention of the student population.

The Feminine Dignity and Value petition to Mrs. Tut and Family was written by Joy Lemus and is in the category Youth at GoPetition.