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U.S Elected officials and Legislators
United States of America

Most dog lovers know about the often horrid conditions of puppy mills, the unregulated breeding facilities owned by disreputable breeders. Dogs are often bred far too frequently, are kept cramped together in squalor, and are not socialized with humans.

Pet stores want to make money. They exist by making the sale. They offer lame "guarantees" on the animal, which usually means that you get to return the one with the problem for another one -- with more or different problems -- They don't screen people who want the animals, they don't follow up on it's condition, they don't worry about passing along diseases and they don't provide quality veterinary care. The life of an innocent animal depends on you.

Many pet stores with cute puppies for sale will tell you that they don't get their puppies from puppy mills. They'll say their puppies are all from "USDA licensed breeders." - Most pet shop puppies come from puppy mills, and so do most dogs sold over the Internet.

Pet shop puppies are separated from their mother at as young as six weeks of age. The health of the puppies is not always guaranteed.

Please take the pledge to stop Pet Stores from selling puppies. One sick puppy purchased from the store is one puppy too many.

Please help to stop the cycle of pet stores and puppy mills.

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