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Back in the 60's I attend Ophelia Devore Modeling School and tried to break into the modeling industry, but, Skin hue was an issue and could not break the color barrier. Now at 67, not only do I have a story to tell, but I can still represent the industry. Please sign my petition giving support to my quest to be a part of the modeling industry. You can visit my pictures on FaceBook under Juliet Sandford, I have on a white dress. Thank you for supporting my 2nd endeavor since the ceiling of color restrictions has been cracked. If you don't support, why?

We, the undersigned, support Juliet Sandford's petition to be a part of and represent the fashion and magazine industry. She's beautiful and qualified. Take a look at her pictures from the 60's and her most recent photo. There's no denying the obvious. It's now or never, she deserves it ! Give her a shot,

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