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NBC / Fear Factor

Fear Factor & NBC have total disregard for the welfare and treatment of reptiles. For any avid viewers who watch this show you will know what i mean, they have in their first 2 seasons on air twice mistreated and neglectfully mistreated reptile ( snakes ) on their "thrill seeking tv show". There first blatent mistreatment of reptiles came on there first season as they dumped several species of snakes ( Boa Constrictor Imperators / Burmese pythons & corn /king snakes) into a box with a human in the event ot overcome there fears of snakes for a cash reward.

As stated by contestants the snakes were " COLD AS ICE " this implies the snakes had to have been cooled to keep the snakes inactive as possible ? yes that is what that means . While doing so this offers the chance of transmitting inter species diseases to other snkes , promotes the chance of a cold blooded reptile contracting Respitory infections ( which CAN kill the animals in question. Now on 3/11/02 there show airs with the intent to do the same . They show there contestants carelessly grabbing fragile snakes ( corn snakes ) and carelessly picking them up on a timed basis to win a cash prize! This in itself is appauling to watch , needless to say the chances of injuring the snakes ex: breaking ribs , backs and causing stress to the snakes which can lead to death , starvation of the snakes in extreme cases.During the filming of FEAR FACTOR the show atleast one snake with its Jaw disengaged, due to handling.Now if this show was to have contestants carelessly toss around any fur bearing animals in the pursuit of " TV entertainment sake" they would be harshly repremanded for there actions.

Now is the time for ALL Reptile lovers to join together to show NBC / Fear Factor this will not be tolerated at the expensive of a reptile or ANY animals to be treated in this fashion. Together in numbers we ALL can make our voices heard and have them understand that what they are doing is no different then the person that doesnt feed the dog , beats there cats or mistreats ANY animal ni matter its status in the world this will not be taking lightly !!!

Show NBC/Fear Factor that their treatment of reptiles will not be taken lightly.

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