#Law Reform
The Honourable Rob Nicholson, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada

Too many children are growing up without their Father in their lives because of deception, lies and an unjust legal system. We need to change this.

Go to www.aFathersNightmare.com to read about Dan Major, a Father who was cheated by his wife, the CAS, a rogue police officer and the "Justice" System.

Laws and Reforms are needed because the events that happened to Dan Major are quite common. Much about "the system" is about money for those within it, often despite the costs involved to those who are unjustly harmed.

Consider that in Ontario alone, on average over 100 CHILDREN DIE A VIOLENT DEATH EVERY YEAR while under the "care" and/or guidance of the CAS (Children's Aid Society). This is an EPIDEMIC! The CAS receives $1.4 BILLION in annual funding yet has ZERO governmental accountability. Sad, but very true. Until there is accountability for the CAS and the other profiteers nothing will ever truly change.

We, the undersigned feel there is an urgent need for four new laws/reforms that will enhance the Canadian Legal System at a time when Canadians face divorce and common law break-ups at a higher rate than ever.

These new laws would help to ensure children will benefit from having both parents active in their lives and that parents don't needlessly spend countless thousands of dollars fighting each other when that money would be better spent contributing to the children’s everyday lives.

Too many good fathers and in some cases mothers, are locked up for crimes they have not committed because their partner has used false allegations as a means to gain an advantage during a divorce/separation battle.

We also feel too many children are suffering emotionally because of long, bitter divorces rife with one or both parents alienating one another to the point that it is harming children.

The four proposals are as follows:

"Black Widow Law" would make it illegal to make false allegations as a means to gain advantage in custody situations. If you are found guilty of making false allegations of assault or harmful/delinquent parenting practices against your spouse, you could lose access, lose custody, face a $10,000.00 fine and an automatic five-year jail sentence. We feel this law would be an excellent deterrent whereas parents are currently free to launch the police and legal system against their spouses to gain an advantage in family court by making false allegations.

A "Parental Alienation Law" is needed that would make it illegal to commit a series of acts to alienate the other parent. This would include:
• Badmouthing and/or yelling at the other parent on the phone and in person in front of the child
• Threatening to take away privileges unless the children participate in the Abuse
• Rewarding kids for participating in alienating/abusing the other partner
• Any consistent action/behaviour designed to turn your kids against your ex-spouse
If you are found guilty of this, you could face immediate loss of access, loss of custody, a $10,000.00 fine and an automatic five-year jail sentence.

"EQUAL ACCESS PARENTING PLAN LAW" - We propose that any “Good” Parent (mother or father) will automatically be given the right to 50 percent access to their children when a parental relationship ends, unless the parents agree upon some other arrangements. It should be the right of every Canadian Child to have full and equal access to both parents.

"CAS OVERSIGHT" Guidelines
We feel that there should be a mechanism in place to appeal and overturn CAS rulings, as required, in cases where:
• The CAS has taken children from a parent(s) and put them into the foster care system
• The CAS has removed a parent from his/her Child’s life because of accusations of one parent.

In most cases the best parent is a parent that is the biological parent who wants to be active in a child's life.

It should be every child's right to maintain a relationship with both parents.

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