#Human Rights
All of the audience

Fake news is a crisis because of the power social media has today. If one person sees a post about the news and shares it, this will start a trend and many people will believe it. This is dangerous because it is giving people things to believe and not to worry about the other problems around the world just like the mass genocide in China. Many types of fake news is propaganda, clickbait, satire/parody, sloppy journalism, and misleading headings.

Have you ever heard of the mass genocide that is occurring in China to the Uighur Muslims? About 1 million Muslims are in concentration camps and they are dying each day. The media doesn't have time to cover this topic and rather displays fake news to have clickbait. The news is now basically a buisness that we can't trust because now they are looking for the money. But how can we become better and create a change. Sign this petition and we will ensure that international problems are heard all around America because this is a mass genocide.

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