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In the past, I have bought many Sony Products. I bought a Playstation 3 and a Sony Bravia TV, because they are both great high quality machines. I do realise that if I want a "high quality" product, I have to pay more. However, I do not accept paying more for a Product, just because I live in the UK. It is outrageous.

My PS3 is the 60GB model, and was sold at £425 in the UK, and $600 in the US. That is £109 difference! Is shipping that expensive! Ontop of that, the PS3 came out considerably later in the UK, compared to many other countries! And now, as I look to buy a new Sony All-In-One-PC (L Series), I find that the base model is £900, compared to the US, where it is sold at the equivalent of £690! Ontop of that, I am hit with the bombshell, that the US version comes with a larger screen and more features.

All of this leads me up to a single conclusion; Sony UK are complete rip-offs.

We, the undersigned, call on Sony to re-examine they're pricing on products sold in the UK, and fairly price all current and future products sold in the UK.

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