#Consumer Affairs
Steven Murdock (CEO Meade)
United Kingdom

Meade instruments have a long history of producing quality telescopes for the amateur/semi-professional market. Unfortunately, they also have a long history of unfair pricing for EU customers compared to their US counterparts.

Using today's exchange rates (20/05/05), a Meade LX200GPS 16" UHTC can be bought in the US from Scopecity.com for $10,994.00 (EUR8,700.00). The exact same instrument can be bought in Germany from Meade.de for EUR13,400.00!

Meade obviously believes that Europeans can afford to pay a premium for their products.

We request that the prices of Meade telescopes in the EU be brought into line with those of the US. If this is not possible we would like an explanation as to why there is such a large price difference.

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