The Australian Goverment and Hospitals

After several weeks of problems my midwife told me out right that anyone before 20 weeks gestation are not cared for or even cared about, due to lack of hospital and government funding. That is why women will have one appointment at 16 weeks, this is only an admin appointment where they take your details. Your next appointment to see the hospital will be between 23-24 weeks.

If you have problems before 20 weeks gestation then they claim it as an act of mother nature so women are sent to General Emergency and have to wait for hours with no privacy or support. They also believe that it is no need for special treatment as it would cost to much money to give women and their partners the care and respect they deserve.

We the people of Australia call on the Australian Government to change the current standards in Queensland hospitals as they only allow women past 20 weeks gestation to be seen by the 24 hour Pregnancy Assessment Unit. Women under this gestation are sent to the General Emergency to wait for hours.

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