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In the United States, billions of US Dollars are wasted in campaigning during the Presidential primary season. States jockey for position throughout the year leading up until the general election. Some states' primaries or caucuses are virtually irrelevant due to the fact that a candidate may already be assumed because a large state has early on declared a winner, or teh candidate has won enough votes to get the nomination.

This petition is addressed to Congress to propose a Constitutional Amendment to allow all states to have caucuses AND THEN hold Primary elections 1-3 months after the caucuses, and that these events be held on the same day in every state, so that every vote counts.

Also, the people should select candidates to run, and that candidates themselves not pay to place their name on a ballot, but citizens themselves place their favorite.

To Members of Congress: We, the undersigned, demand proposal of a Constitutional amendment mandating that all the States hold caucuses on the same date to select which candidates they want to run for President, that the States then hold Primary elections of all those who received more than 10 percent of the vote, or the top two or three vote-getters, and that the primaries be held on the same day in all the States.

We ask this so that selection and elections be totally fair to all states, all voters, and all candidates.

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