London Borough of Islington
United Kingdom

Exorbitant major works bills have been a fact of life for Council leaseholders in Islington for many years. However, the lastest round of bills has taken things to whole new and entirely unacceptable level. Leaseholders across the London Borough of Islington are facing unpayable major works bills ranging from £10k to as much as £45k - all this at a time when credit conditions are at their tightest since the 1920s.

To top it all, Homes for Islingon (HFI) has just released a new raft of honey-trap repayment plans. It describes these as 'generous', but they are anything but because they oblige leaseholders to give up their right to dispute the cost of their bills at a Leaseholder Valuation Tribunal (LVT).

Aggressive letters from HFI telling leaseholders they must clear the entire £10-45k on their bill within two weeks or sign up for a repayment plan are being used to bully leaseholders into relinquishing their right to have their bills objectively evaluated at an LVT. It's an important right since bills that have been brought before the LVT in the past have often been halved or more.

We, the undersigned, call on the London Borough of Islington to:

1) Offer leaseholders fair and reasonable repayment plans without the requirement that they relinquish their right to take their bill to a Leaseholder Valuation Tribunal.

2) Radically review the costings for major works across the borough, which we consider to be unreasonably high.

3) Cease practices such as including charges for suspension of parking (which is payable to LBI itself) in major works bills.

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