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As an account holder of Facebook, I have been a victim of unwanted posts of an unknown person using Facebook. It is so easy for a person to clone your account or to make a fake page by using your information and picture(s) from your account. Facebook has been a major source for people to bully others, as well as committing crimes of nature with posts. Also, some have lost jobs behind the action of others creating a fake page of you or by the use of slander, and defamation. We have seen individuals create pages to assemble terrorist groups, hate groups, record live feeds of committing crimes, even murder. If Facebook were to require you to use your social security number to open an account, it would deter individuals from doing such. This requirement will help all Law Enforcement to directly identify and locate anyone who violates another person by doing such unlawful acts if reported. It is too easy for a person to create a page to cause harm to another person and disrupt his/her lifestyle. Those acts can cause mental distress which could lead anyone to act out of anger towards someone and cause an assault of any kind to happen. Lets help stop or deter cyber harassment, bullying and things that will drive a person to commit suicide or crimes to society. Make Facebook be intended for the use it was generally created for! Lets take this petition as high as we can to get the results we need. *GMA, MSNBC, CNN, etc. Kids are our future, so lets take the right path to protect them and each other.

We, the undersigned, call on Mark Zuckerberg to help solve the problem with the misuse of Facebook by some users. Help put a stop to cyber bullying, defamation of character, slander, hate crime, terror, and all acts of crime towards people by the use of Facebook. Show all the account holders that Facebook is not intended for the misuse it has grown to be so popular for now. Require a Social Security number to identify every account holder. This will be so helpful.

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