#Civil Rights

I am Mechanical Engineer by Profession and working in a Refinery at Morgah in RawaIpindi District of Pakistan. I am President of Talagang Awami Council ( a social network of people belonging to Tehsil Talagang of District Chakwal. I am Zonal vice president of a political party Jamaat e Islami in Rawalpindi Cantt.
I was having an active ID (Engr Saqib Rauf with email address engr.saqibrauf@gmail.com) on Facebook most probably since 2009. I was having near 4 Thousands friends on this ID and most of them were from my native area Talagang. Almost all people added as facebook-friends were well known to me in actual. I am having not only having a lot of my connections but also very valuable material was written by me on this ID during last 10 years.

Facebook disabled my ID about one month ago without specifying any reason with proof. It would be a big loss, if this ID would not be restored.

I write to facebook that I believes in democracy, dialogue and peace. I can't even imagine to support any biased or destructive approach/activity.

I requested them that "I am a human, if I posted something inappropriate mistakenly, please let me know. I am not a rigid or orthodox type of person. I will review and accept my mistake. I will immediately remove such controversial content".

I claimed in my email to facebook that "it is my commitment to follow the law of land and the international norms settled by United Nations and its departments".


Engr Saqib Rauf,

Tehsil Talagang,

Distt. Chakwal,



Mob: 0092-333-5583492

Office: 0092-51-5487041 Ext: 2206

It is humble request to Facebook that kindly consider request to restore Facebook ID Engr Saqib Rauf (engr.saqibrauf@gmail.com) as Freedom of speech is basic right. Facebook is very useful plate from for law obeying persons.

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