Currently, facebook policy allows someone to anonymously report content on another person's facebook page. Summarily, facebook will make a decision to either remove the content or leave it up.

The problem with this policy is there are people who will report content for reasons other than violation of facebook standards. There are those who will report content because they are mad at the person, jealous of the person, for spite and countless other reasons.

The main issue here is the fact that facebook policy does not have a provision for the person who has been reported to defend themselves. Your content is simply removed and should facebook choose to, you are blocked.

This is an extremely unfair, one-sided policy that allows for bullying. When someone reports another persons content with no requirement for an explanation as to why and that person has their content removed and are blocked based solely on another persons actions. That is bullying plain and simple. Bullying is basically one person imposing their will on another with no regard for that person's wants or needs. Help to change this policy by signing and sharing this petition.

We the undersigned call on facebook to change their reporting policy.

Currently it is possible for someone to report another person's content anonymously with no provision for the person who is being reported to defend themselves.

We ask facebook to make it possible for those who are reported to present their case to facebook before their content is simply removed and they are blocked.

It is unfair for someone to have their content, which is within facebook standards, removed based on the actions of another person who could simply have clicked off the page and unliked it. We are simply asking for a fair policy.

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