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United Nations General Assembly

In March 2008, international arms dealer Viktor Bout was arrested in Thailand on charges relating to the smuggling of weapons to FARC rebels in Colombia. The day after his arrest, the United States filed charges of providing material support to a terrorist organization, conspiring to kill US officers or employees, and conspiring to acquire and use an anti-aircraft missile against Mr. Bout and formally requested his extradition to the United States for prosecution.

On 11 August 2009, after a protracted trial, the Thai court system ruled in favor of Mr. Bout, denying the United States' request to extradite him, claiming that the charges were political instead of legal, adding that Thailand does not view FARC as a terrorist organization (which the US and Colombian governments do).

We the undersigned formally request that this matter be brought up for debate in the next General Assembly meeting, with a motion to compel the Thai court system to allow the extradition Viktor Bout to the United States and recognize FARC as it currently exists as a terrorist organization.

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