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There is increasingly popular demand for a significant extension of the duration of the public viewing of Michael Jackson's body at his Neverland Ranch in order to accommodate the large numbers of fans from all over the world who want to see Michael Jackson for the last time and pay their respect.

Please sign this petition if you agree that the duration should be extended significantly to at least an entire week or more.

Michael Jackson has a billion fans from all over the world. 2 days (Friday and Saturday) are simply too short a time for SO MANY Michael fans to view Michael's body and for fans to see MJ for the last time and pay their last respect to the King of Pop.

We, Michael Jackson's fans, call on the Jackson family to embalm and preserve Michael Jackson's body like how Eva Peron was embalmed and preserved, and extend the public viewing duration to at least one entire week or to one whole month or more.

Remember, this is the LAST TIME to see Michael Jackson's body so make the viewing longer.

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