Fred Smith, CEO FedEx Corporation
United States of America

Dear Friends,

As most of you know, India Cultural Center and Temple (ICCT) is celebrating Kumbhabhishekam from May 31st to June 4th 2017. This very special event is celebrated with much grandiose only once in every 12 years. For this event to be successfully completed, ICCT is installing life size vigrahas (Granite statues) that are hand carved by special artisans (shilpis) in Mahabalipuram, Tamilnadu India.

These statues have been completed and ready for export almost 3 months ago, but weren't approved by Archeology department due to recent political turmoil back in Tamilnadu. After diligent effort by our associates, the officials from Archeology department finally agreed to inspect and approve the vigrahas for export in the first week of May. Unfortunately, this will not leave enough time to pursue freight by sea and hence we are currently evaluating options to get them flown by air. For which we are seeking FedEx to provide ICCT to use employee discount of 75% off. Thru this petition we are hoping that we can seek support from the Senior Leadership of FedEx to recognize ICCT....

Please sign this petition and show your support/solidarity to ICCT

We, the undersigned employees of FedEx with Indian Origin, humbly request Mr. Fred Smith and the FedEx corporation to extend the same 75% employee discount to ICCT for a one-time use to seek FedEx' help to ship the vigrahas from India to Memphis......

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