Sky Zone
United States of America

Sky Zone is a trampoline park that offers a great place to take children to. In addition, it is also a great place for adults to work out or to just be a kid again. They offer adult exercise classes as well as specific times of the day set aside for small children.

My experience with Sky Zone is that it is an intense, FUN, workout that goes easy on your back. Lake and Mendocino Counties lack very many attractions for both adults and children.

Let's sign this petition to get Sky Zone to consider expanding to our area. Maybe they will be more inclined to add a location to our area if they see a lot of signatures from people who want them here.

We, the undersigned, request Sky Zone to expand to Lake County, CA and/or Mendocino County, CA.

We would love to be able to attend one of your parks close to home.

Please consider opening a location in one of our counties.

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