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Every college football fan can agree the CFP system is a step in the right direction from the previous BCS system. But why not keep improving? Theres always the term "strength of schedule" thrown around and thats because majority of games are kept within conference, no diversity. Giving more teams a chance to compete against "tougher" opponents will let teams make their destiny instead of being voted in like an election of assumptions.

We, the undersigned, call on BCS/NCAA to expand the College Football Playoffs to 16 teams. Let the teams compete outside their normal schedule to show its not all about strength of schedule or blowout wins. It may take shortening the regular season but this is something that wouldn't need to changed or replaced for years to come. Spread the tough schedules out and let the teams decide who will make the title game, NOT board members guessing who is best. Thank you for your vote.

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