#City & Town Planning
A Call to future Mayors, City Council members and Borough Presidents
United States of America

The Waterfront faces resiliency and leadership problems today. In addition, there are problems with the Working Waterfront, Ferry Transit and Access to both the Water and the Waterfront.

In order to solve the issues facing out Waterfront, The Metropolitan Water Front Alliance has created innovated solutions to solve the issues. Waterfront Platform 2013 is a set of policy recommendations we’re asking candidates running for New York City office to endorse.

The platform is committed to increase the New York’s commitment to a revitalized and resilient Waterfront through engaging MWA Alliance Partners, supporters, City of Water Day attendees, and MWA Board of Directors. Please join us in creating a better New York through adopting the water front platform by signing our petition.

The petition calls for future Candidates of city office and people who support the Water Front 2013 platform.

The petition helps establish affordable, five borough ferry service; expands our working Waterfront; opens our neighborhoods for recreation with new piers, beaches, and docks; protects New York City from future storms and makes all of this happen with a Department of the Waterfront.

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