#Human Rights
European Union authorities officials and representatives

Anastasia Grishay is a very kind person and a very good mother.

She loves her kids and places them above all.

She is being persecuted in her home country Ukraine, for starring in porn.

As a fact Anastasia needed money so badly after she has been left alone with kid, that she was ready to do anything to feed her family.

Getting into the porn business was not an easy decision at all. And sometimes, more often these days, people have to face the struggle to protect their families from poverty.

A beautiful soul makes a beautiful person; and Anastasia is very beautiful indeed.

Please, your support can save her family.

Dear European Parliament representatives,

For her safety and the safety of her family,
Anastasia Grishay should stay inside the frontiers of the European Union.

Ukraine is a country that does not respect human rights. The European Court of Human Rights ruled already in nine cases against Ukraine, finding that Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which prohibits torture, had been violated.

Amnesty International delegates were in Kyiv to
address a memorandum on human rights to President Viktor Yanukovych and meet government officials.
At a press conference in Kyiv, the human rights organization have presented its concerns on continuing human rights violations such as torture and ill-treatment in detention and unlawful detention.

Anastasia Grishay came to Europe, as an asylum seeker, in order to escape the violence and the cruelty of the Ukrainian authorities.

If she is forced to go back to Ukraine, this sanction will have serious consequences, as she will be sent to prison and never see her kids again.

The only crime of which Anastasia Grishay is guilty of, is simply the unconditional love for her children.

Yours faithfully,

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