Elections Commission
United States of America

This Petition is to establish a new Political Party.
The American Industrial Party, aka The Industrial Party, aka TIP, aka The Party of Industry, shall conduct Consensuses via secure Voting and Polling online.
We are building a platform based on the SANCTITY of CONSENT which is agreed upon through
1. This petition shall be submitted to the election committees in member states to establish a new Political Party which is officially named The American Industrial Party.
2. This party shall conduct itself with one person- one vote consensus.
3. One person- one vote consensus shall be facilitated by electronic means through secure online voting and polling within the Party on the official American Industrial Party Website and App.

Please sign this petition so that the American Industrial party (The Industrial Party) may meet eligibility requirements through signatures of support whereby showing proof that we are organized and active as a party and may officially register with the electoral commissions in our members states. Thank you

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